Awesome Henry

Red Belly Lawn Tractor Fiberglass Kit

Awesome Henry - Fiberglass tractor KitsNeed a project to build with your son or daughter?

How 'bout your grandson or granddaughter?

Or maybe you'd simply like to let your tractor buddies know where your allegiance lies.

Owners have told us they have converted their lawn tractors so they could mow their lawns in style. Others have adapted the kits to spraying equipment and all sorts of imaginative and practical uses.

Other individuals who are up in years and suffering from disabilities have dressed-up their toys so getting around the tractor shows is less of a burden.

The uses are endless.


The hoods are adaptable to practically any lawn tractor ever made - regardless of brand.

Awesome Henry - Fiberglass tractor Kits




From the side, the bloodline is unmistakable.



Awesome Henry - Fiberglass tractor Kits



Front View is just as convincing. Detail is impressive.




Awesome Henry - Fiberglass tractor Kits



The dress-up kit is compatible with one or two seats setups.






Awesome Henry - Fiberglass tractor Kits

The Detail in the fiberglass is exacting to please even the most discriminating enthusiast.

We Think Henry would be Proud...!

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